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What Are Logistical Complications?

Every location is different which in turn calls for certain equipment to be loaded onto the truck to prepare for you pick up or delivery. Our admin team asks a series of questions when putting together a quote for your shipment to determine which logistical complications you may have. 

So what is a logistical complication? Logistical complications are any situation that that will stop the driver from safely removing the equipment from the building and/or loading the equipment in the truck. Some of these situations may not seem like complications however they can cause huge delays in your shipment if not disclosed before sending the truck.

Some logistical complications include missing wheels on copiers, 2 or more steps, flights of stairs, lack of paved driveway, limited pick up availability, or crating/skidding the office equipment.

For stairs and steps, it is an insurance liability for the drivers to move the equipment over them without a stair climber – even if it’s only a desktop machine. A desktop machine can weigh up to 75lbs and the average copier is usually around 275-325lbs! Imagine pulling that down step by step! Most carriers do not have stair climbers on every truck so we will need to coordinate a truck ahead of time to have the stair climber on it.

Some complications are minor and can be easily maneuvered with additional equipment on the truck, such as a dolly on machines missing wheel(s) or an additional person to stay with the truck if they must park on the street.

When You Choose CopEx Inc. to Handle Your Office Equipment Shipping Needs You Get: 

  • A dedicated CopEx shipping specialist to keep you informed every step of the way from quote to delivery
  • A fully insured truck so your copier is covered in the event of physical damage
  • An Experienced driver that will remove and load the equipment using blankets, straps, and foam pads to keep the equipment protected
  • Storage in our video monitored and alarmed warehouse until your copier is scheduled to be delivered to its end destination

From end of lease returns to general technology shipping – We Can Ship It For You!

CopEx buys used Toshiba copiers

Many office copiers are bulky, fragile and can weigh hundreds of pounds.

What Kind of Items Can CopEx Move?

  • Technology, including copiers, computer equipment, printers, televisions and more.
  • Sensitive technical and scientific equipment
  • Other medium weight machinery


What is FF&E…

Furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) describes the property a business owns that is not attached to the building.  When you think about items such as copiers, computers, furniture and other hardware that doesn’t have to be “ripped” out of the building, you are thinking about FF&E. 

You may learn more about FF&E here.


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Get a Fast Copier Quote and have us pick it up, Free!

Please fill out all of your copier details and we will get back to you shortly.