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CopEx Inc. Customer Testimonials

“I’ve seen COPEX before and since they were a little further away, I always pulled out of doing business with them. This last go around, I couldn’t find what I needed, and they had it.

Making the extra 3 hour trip was not what I wanted to do. But, from the sales rep, to the exceptional service i received while there, this won’t be my last trip. The price, the machine availability, the staff, the nice selection of quality machines available, it was a pleasure working with them. 

Most of us get into a groove. We become comfortable with that groove. This was proof positive, that it pays to step out of that little circle and investigate new possibilities. I’d suggest giving them a call today.” l Copiers USA

Sell Copiers USA | Sell Copiers USA


Reston, VA

We had been attempting to return equipment and was told that the equipment needed to be packaged to manufacturer specifications. We called to get quotes and the prices were outrageous. We called CopEx to verify what the manufacturer specifications were and they told us they could come and pick the machines up for a little over $1000. They came as soon as the bill was paid. They were quick and very professional. I wish we had called them from the start and saved ourselves a lot of headache. I would recommend them!”


Lewiston, ME

“My company chose to change printer vendors after many years with a previous vendor. … Upon contacting CopEx, we found that the cost would be about 1/3 of what the vendor quoted. That was a huge savings to return unwanted equipment.
The service from CopEx was also exceptional. Everyone I interacted with was prompt with their responses and they maintained a high level of professionalism throughout the transaction. Even the driver who showed up to pick up the devices was communicative, prompt and professional. I am extremely pleased with the services rendered from CopEx and I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs to return leased printers.”


Baltimore, MD

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for all the support and service you have given us here at Ricoh. … We utilize CopEx with our lease partner alliances for equipment inventory for you, which help both you and our customers with returns. … More importantly you have been a valuable resource for acquiring reliable equipment for resale out in the field. In these trying times a low cost option has helped us to achieve our revenue goals. Our service department has been very pleased with the quality of the gear you provide. They have also mentioned that your team has been very forthcoming and honest about the condition of the units. … Prior to working with CopEx we used several National Wholesale copier houses for these inventory needs. Let me say, this really did not work out well for us. … As a result we searched out other alternatives and that’s when we found CopEx. … You are a vital resource for Ricoh New England and we look forward to continuing the strong relationship. Sell Copiers USA | Sell Copiers USA

D. C.

Ricoh Corporation

Thank you for helping me and my business with our copier needs. It has been a great experience, and I wish that all my suppliers did as great a job as you and your team!

Kyocera Corporation

“CopEx has always delivered what they promised. I’m very well pleased in doing business with CopEx”.

Versailles, Missouri

Just dropping a note to say thank you for helping my business grow. … I really appreciate your e-mail updates on the products I need… Several of the other vendors I have purchased machines from have not been completely honest on quality of machines and turnaround time on prepping and shipping. You have always been right on. … I just want you know that my experience with you and CopEx has been outstanding. Thanks and I look forward to continuing our great business relationship.
J. M.

San Antonio, Texas

I would like to say it’s been a pleasure doing business with CopEx… I believe that service is the most important part of doing business. Anybody can sell a piece of equipment, but if you can’t back it up with service then what good is the merchandise? You have proven to me that you and your staff are more than competent in handling all our needs. In the past with other companies I have experienced problems with late deliveries and poor quality of the equipment but not with CopEx. I hope this letter serves you well.
C. L.

Saint Joseph, Missouri

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write you express my gratitude for the excellent service that you and CopEx have provided us over the past 18 years… You go above and beyond what I expect from a vendor … We have purchased equipment from other vendors in the past and have never been as pleased with the quality of their machines. We almost never haved any trouble with CopEx and on the rare occasion we have, CopEx has always responded quickly to correct the problem. … I have to say that you and CopEx, are my favorite vendor. I want you to know that I appreciate you and everyone there for making my job easier and more pleasant.
K. L.

Windsor, Connecticut

Thank you for almost 20 years of doing business together. It truly is a pleasure doing business with CopEx. The times when something’s not right with a machine, which has been few and far between, your response to correct any issue was so impressive that it keeps me loyal to you and CopEx. Sell Copiers USA

B. P.

Boston, Mass

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