CopEx Inc. Hard Drive Cleaning Services

CopEx is DoD and HIPAA Certified to erase stored information on copier hard drives.  Our service provides a 3 pass wipe that completely eradicates all stored data on the copier’s hard drive while reformatting to maintain integrity and value of assets.  The completed wipe comes with a Certificate of Completion specific to the copier’s hard drive serial number.

To ensure that an individuals or corporations information is safe, we strongly recommend that you have your copier hard drive wiped before returning the equipment to the leasing company.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to buy a new hard drive to replace the old one.  By using CopEx as your preferred hard drive cleaning specialist, you will save money, as our fees to wipe a hard drive are substantially lower than the cost of a new hard drive.

Not only can CopEx clean hard drives in house, but we also offer on-site hard drive cleaning.  If it’s imperative that your equipment be cleaned before leaving your facility, we can come to your location and provide the service for an additional fee.

Interested in learning more about how CopEx can help you with your security needs?

Complete the form below and a CopEx representative will get back to you.  Or call us at 888-972-6739.

* DoD and HIPAA Certified
* Comes with a serialized Certificate of Completion
* In-house and on-site hard drive cleaning available
* 3 pass wipe that completely eradicates all stored data
* Re-installation of firmware
* Fully Insured

Interested in learning more about how CopEx can help you with your security needs? Call 888-972-6739 or complete the form below.

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