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About CopEx Inc.

CopEx started in 1989 with a truck and a barn for a warehouse. We serviced copier dealers throughout New England and upstate New York. Our original idea was to exchange trade-in copiers between dealers for a fee. Thus was born “The Copier Exchange”, now known as “CopEx Inc.”

We soon realized that the mix of brands was insufficient to accommodate all the exchanges and so began to buy and sell as well. 25 years later we have two warehouses, a fleet of our own vehicles, and hundreds of customers nationwide as well as across the globe.


Our goal is to provide the full spectrum of used and off-lease office equipment to our customers. The key to our business is accurate representation. Not every machine is a “creampuff”, but that’s OK. What is important is that we call a creampuff a creampuff and a parts machine a parts machine! We are so confident in our representations that we offer a money back guarantee on all our equipment.

How do we do this? We handle all our own machines and perform a thorough testing procedure to ensure that you know what you are getting. Everyone at CopEx knows that our number one priority is to keep the customer happy. Anyone who picks up the phone at CopEx is ready to help. And more than that we also: New England Copy Machines | New England Copy Machines

  • Will Buy all your used and off-lease office equipment.
  • Provide lease return shipping service at an affordable price.
  • Provide fair market quotes on equipment you hope to trade in.
  • Offer a locator service to help you find the machines you need.

From the big conglomerates to the leasing companies right down to your local dealer; they all do business with CopEx. Shouldn’t you

Call today to find out how CopEx can help you get the equipment you need to keep your business profitable.

For more information call us at: 888-972-6739

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