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CopEx. Inc. Mission and Guarantee

Our Mission:

CopEx Inc. is a team of honest, hard working professionals who are committed to ensuring that all who choose to do business with us will have a successful, enjoyable, and profitable experience. We expect and strive for positive relationships with all our customers, vendors, and competitors. 

In the unpredictable world of used equipment, we recognize that accurate representation and disclosure of condition is of utmost importance. We strive to give our customers the most complete and comprehensive description of our products as possible. We provide a concise written guarantee which offers 100% satisfaction through replacement, credit, or refund.

What we expect in return from our customers is honesty and patience. We are not looking to serve everyone, but rather any dealer, large or small, who is seeking a dependable, profitable business relationship, built on trust and mutual respect.

We understand that the value we offer is in our ability to help our dealers and vendors be more profitable.

Our Guarantee:

We recognize that buying used equipment presents a unique set of challenges. Each machine is different in configuration and condition. You expect to pay based on reasonable expectations and representation. We at CopEx are not in a hurry to sell “boxes”; our goal is to build long lasting relationships. We want you to feel secure in your decision to trust CopEx. Below you will find the most complete and comprehensive guarantee in the industry.

Meter readings – meter readings will be as listed on our inventory reports and invoices. If no meter is listed or unavailable then we make no representation as to the copy count.

Copy Quality – copy quality will be as represented in the following categories;

  • Excellent – letter quality copy with no apparent marks or spots.

  • Good – clear and legible, minor spots or lines.

  • Fair – legible but obvious spots, lines, and or shading.

  • Poor – illegible, blank, black, etc.

Mechanical condition – mechanical condition will be as represented in the following categories;

  • Excellent – only listed on low mileage equipment in near new condition.

  • Good – no obvious problems, no jamming, no noises or grinding.

  • Fair – noisy, jamming, service codes.

  • Poor – non-functional, no power, permanent codes.

Cosmetic condition – condition will be as represented in these categories;

  • Excellent – near new, clean uniform color, no yellowing, no panel damage, no more than very minor blemishes.

  • Good – good color, minor shading of some panels is possible, no broken panels, only minor scratches and blemishes.

  • Fair – Noticeable discoloration, possibly broken panels, obvious scratches and blemishes.

  • Poor – Discolored, broken or missing panels, marred and defaced surfaces, etc.

Consumables – we make no representation or guarantees as to the condition or viability of drums, fuser rollers, feed rubber, bushings, bearings, or any other consumable components. 

Service codes – we will disclose any service codes on the equipment. Beyond that it is the buyer’s responsibility to research the codes prior to purchase and determine the acceptability of the machines based on the codes and the inherent risks associated with those codes.

Common Carrier Delivery and Padded van service – Customers must check the overall outside condition of equipment being received and note any physical damages on the CopEx Damaged Equipment form and the shippers BOL. Notify CopEx immediately of any damages so we may process the claim quickly. Send Damaged Equipment form and BOL to  Whenever possible, take digital pictures before and after unwrapping.

72 Hour policy – we request that you unwrap, examine and test all equipment within 72 hours of receipt. Report any problems immediately. This guarantee will be in effect provided we are notified within the 72 hour time frame even if the actual resolution takes longer. We cannot address problems reported days, weeks or months after the equipment has been in your possession.

We want your experience with CopEx to be pleasurable and profitable. We do our best to accurately represent everything we sell. In the event that we fail, and in consideration of the conditions above, we will offer you a credit, replacement or refund with no hassle and no delay.

For more information about our Mission or Guarantee call 888-972-6739


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