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Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Used Copy Machines

4X the Manufacturers Copier Machine Warranty

Copier manufacturers offer a 90-day guarantee on new copiers. Part of your sales presentation should be a One Year Warranty on used copier machines. This adds credibility to the sale and reassures your customer as to the quality and long-term viability of the used copier. Also – It gives you some leverage in negotiating pricing.

Here’s how:
Build in the cost of the warranty into the price of the used copier. For example, if your warranty is for one year or 50,000 copies, multiply 50,000 copies by the cost per copy (i.e., .015 x 50,000 = $750.00) and add this to the asking price of the used photocopy machine. If you find that you must discount the price, you can reduce or eliminate the extra warranty as well and your cost/profit will remain the same.

Modifications and Retrofits

Every new copier has modifications and retrofits that are introduced weeks or months after introduction. Some have dozens! Some of these are minor; others are quite substantial to their impact on the performance of the photocopier. While the manufacturer is identifying problems and designing these modifications, your customer is experiencing downtime and lost production. This can affect your long-term relationships and threaten repeat sales.

When you remanufacture a copier you have prior knowledge of all the necessary modifications and retrofits. When you install these during your rebuild process, you are making a used copier that is, in effect, better than new!

No “Lemon” Copier Models

If you have been selling used copiers for any amount of time, you have seen your share of “lemon” models. These are those models that have serious inherent problems that show up after several months or past a certain meter threshold. For legal reasons no photocopier models will be mentioned here, but I’m sure some models are running through your mind right now.

When you choose which used copier models to add to your line of remanufactured equipment, certainly you will avoid these models, leaving only the best viable models that are available.

One Year 100% Upgrade Guarantee

Offering a one-year 100% upgrade is a great value to you and your customers. It gives your customer the flexibility and confidence to know that if they quickly outgrow their copier, they have the option to upgrade without losing a penny. It gives you a great tool to make the sale and lock in the customer.

Here is why it works:
You sell a rebuilt copy machine for $4,000. Your cost is $2,500. Six months later your customer opts to upgrade. The upgrade machine price is $8,000. Your cost is $4,800. The customer pays you the $4,000 balance. So, on the net transaction you have made:

$4000 original sale price
+ $4000 upgrade
– $2500 original cost
–  $4800 upgrade cost
= $700 net profit

Plus you get your original photocopy machine back at zero cost and you charge the customer a cost per copy for the copies they made on the first machine.

Used Photocopiers Means Green

Many companies have instituted a green initiative and many others are at least interested in a green alternative.  The amount of carbon dioxide gas released into the atmosphere is 355 tons per every 1000 copiers manufactured.  (For information on the carbon footprint of copiers visit:  The carbon footprint of a rebuilt copier is practically zero.  The is a strong selling point for any environmentally concerned customer.

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(Re) Made in America!

When your customer buys a new copier the majority of the profits are going to Japan or China or Korea. When you sell a rebuilt copier 100% of the price goes back into American business through the dealers’ parts and labor, the equipment resellers, and the leasing companies. In times like these, more than ever, we need to support American businesses.


Last but not least is cost. This is the no-brainer part of the sale. A rebuilt copier is going to cost your customer 50 to 70 % less than a comparable new photocopier model. When you add in the one-year warranty and the value of the 100% upgrade, the cost is even less.

All things considered, every customer should be given the choice of a rebuilt copier. Better warranty, better reliability, 100% upgrade, environmentally friendly, made in America, and substantially less expensive!

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