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CopEx Inc. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to provide you with my resale certificate? None of my other wholesalers ask me for this document.
A: RI Law requires that we collect resale certificates from all customers we do business with. We need to collect the resale certs every 3 to 5 years.

Q: Do I need to wrap, palletize, or do anything to the equipment before you pick it up? Buy or Sell Copiers New England
A: No, our driver will do everything for you. All you need to do it turn off the equipment, and unplug it. Buy or Sell Copiers New England

Q: What are logistical complications? Buy or Sell Copiers New England
A: Logistical complications include, but are not limited to: requiring a forklift to remove equipment, asking for specific dates for pick up, stairs at pick up location without access to an elevator or ramp, requiring COI for pick up, no driveway or parking available, refusing to allow our driver to take equipment because equipment is still in use, equipment has been palletized, or anything that will stop the driver from removing the equipment from the building.

Q: What is hard drive cleaning and is it necessary?
A: Our hard drive cleaning process is a 3 pass wipe which completely eradicates all stored information on the hard drive. This process can take anywhere from 1- 5 hours to complete per drive and is DoD and HIPAA Certified. Each wipe comes with a serialized Certificate of Completion.

Hard drive cleaning is not required, however the lessee is responsible for any data that may be left on the hard drive.  Every copy, scan, or print you have sent or made on the equipment is stored on the hard drive for the life of the machine, even after it is unplugged. If you have copied, printed or scanned any sensitive information, like social security numbers, drivers licenses, patient information, etc., you should seriously consider having the hard drive cleaned, even if it is not CopEx that completes the wipe.  For a quote on hard drive cleaning visit our hard drive cleaning page and complete the form!

Q: I just received my Return Authorization paperwork from the bank, how can I get a quote to return the leased equipment?
A: Visit our lease return page, and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. A representative from CopEx will be in touch with you as to the next steps. You can also call 888-972-6739 for more information.

Q: I have used CopEx to ship our end of lease equipment in the past. Do you ship to other locations and end of lease facilities?
A: Yes! We can ship from location to location and to other end of lease facilities. If the location is not in our trucking territory, we can coordinate your shipment with one of our trusted partners. Visit our lease returns and shipping page for more information on copier moves!

Q: What does tractor trailer accessible mean?
A: Your location is tractor trailer accessible if your location can accommodate a large 53 foot trailer, plus cab. The total length of our tractor trailer is 72 feet. Your street must be passable by our truck and your parking lot needs to have ample space for our truck to turn around if need be.

Q: The equipment I ordered came in damaged, what do I do?
A: The first thing you need to do is note any physical damages at the time of delivery on the trucking BOL. Next, complete the CopEx Damaged Equipment Form, which you received as an attachment with your invoice. Send both the BOL noting damages and the CopEx Damaged Equipment Form, to your sales rep via email within 72 hours of receiving the equipment.

If possible, please also send photos of the damage. We will respond with a resolution of a credit, refund, or replacement of the equipment. If you do not send us the BOL noting damages and CopEx Damaged Equipment Form within 72 hours of receiving the equipment, we are not able to process your claim.

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