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Loading containers is an art form, and we are experts in the industry. Copier Shipping USA

CopEx has been loading containers for 25+ years and we ship to most countries and ports.  Equipment is cleaned and wrapped before being loaded into 40 foot high cube containers.  We build a deck onsite in our warehouse, located in Providence RI, and fit the deck inside of the container to maximize the space.  Stamped wood can be used upon request. Copier Shipping USA

Shipments are securely packed by filling in any empty spaces using thick cardboard pads.  We will provide the country of origin for all equipment loaded and we can also provide dates of manufacture and photos of equipment upon request.

Once the container arrives, we inspect it and take photo evidence of any damages to the floor, walls, and ceiling and provide those photos to you.  We also take photos halfway through the load and at the end of the load.  Once the container is sealed we photograph the seal and the closed container with container #. Copier Shipping USA

Final packing list and final invoice is emailed to you shortly after the container is completed.

Let us load your next used copier shipment!

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